Les chemins de la liberté

The Roads to Freedom


After fifty years of isolation under the rule of an oppressive military regime, Burma is finally opening up in a wave of euphoria. Despite the recent landslide victory of Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party in the country’s first free election, the situation remains explosive. In a country torn by deep ethnic divide and prolonged armed conflicts, women are taking the lead to pave the road to peace, freedom and democracy. These include a laureate of the « Asian Nobel Peace Prize », a visionary social entrepreneur, a feminist buddhist nun, and even an ecologist princess (a descendant of the last King of Burma). A number of men support them on their long march to freedom. Moved by their stories, Brieu set out to gain some insights into the reality of Burma today through the incisive visions and the positive actions of its women. The book is divided into three parts. Each part opens up with inspiring quotations promoting the voices of change-makers from different ethnic and religious backgrounds advocating for change, resistance and peace.







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